An open-ended, fly me anywhere flight search engine. 

Yonder was designed and built in September 2016. The concept was borne out of a frustration for not being able to simply search for flights by only entering the departure city and the dates. Yonder, showed users the cheapest places they could visit. Yonder evolved to include hotel, attraction and local information for each destination. Soon after launching the product, Yonder received 10,000 searches every week and still continues to sell flights. - Founded by myself and Jamie Snedden.

Results Screen for Yonder App - Designed by Fifi Kara

Yonder worked by utilising two APIs, Kiwi & Skyscanner, the data was organised in a list format for mobile and a grid structure for desktop. Overlaying the flight data, contextual data about the destination was included using various APIs and data sources. 

After scrolling through the results, users could select a flight, the flight 'card' would flip over and more details about the flight would be revealed, including departure times, airline, layover information and the ability to book the flight either on our platform or through our third party supplier, in this case Skyscanner.

Selecting a result - Designed by Fifi Kara

Yonder Team

Fifi, Jamie & Nick